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Beach Fleurieu

Beach Fleurieu

Closing event of Festival Fleurieu 2021
Festival Fleurieu 2021 concludes with a burst of activity when crowds gather for local (and not-so-local) events at the beach.

Admission & All Activities/Events FREE
Purchase your own food and drink.

The Jetty Parade

Come dressed as your favourite Australian Icon and parade along the Normanville Jetty
Registrations open at 11.00am and the Parade commences at 12.00pm.
Entries will be accepted and prizes awarded in three categories:
• Best Child (under 12 years)
• Best Adult (over 12 years)
• Best Team/Family (Maximum of 4 People)

Sand Sculpture Competition

Entries will be accepted and prizes awarded in the following categories:
• Family groups consisting of a maximum of 2 adults and children 7 years and younger
• Team of 4 people aged 8 – 12 years
• Team of 4 people aged 13 – 16 years
• Team of 4 people aged 17 years and older
The Rules: • Teams should have members within the same age categories. If ages crossed the categories the team are to participate in the category of its oldest member
• Beach items such as buckets; spades, rakes etc can be used. Shells, rocks and seaweed can be used for decoration
• NO shovels or other tradesman/commercial tools
• NO changes after time up. All tools down and hands off
• Sand sculptures to remain undamaged until all judging and presentations are completed
• When registering a name plate will be issued to identify your area
• You can go to the designated area and choose a plot
• The border of the plot an be drawn but no other preparation is to be done until the signal is given to commence the competition

The “Float”

You have seen the Marilyn’s floating at beaches around the world. Now it is Normanville’s turn but this time it will be Aussie Icons floating in the waters of Normanville Beach
Come and join the fun. Bring your favourite or most outrageous flotation device and become part of the living art of Festival Fleurieu
Registrations open at 11.00am and the “Float” will commence at 1.30pm.
The brave Normanville Surf Lifesavers will be on hand to keep us safe.

Young People and Family Activities
Sat 17 April 11:00am–2:00pm
Normanville Beach